Risk Latte AI Security & Privacy Policy

Risk Latte Artificial Intelligence Inc. is a leading financial engineering firm and our main business is working with clients to develop proprietary market risk, credit risk and derivatives models. The company employs mathematical and statistical models to price complex derivatives and estimate risk of portfolios for its clients. Our clients represent the full range of the financial industry: Banking, Insurance and Investment firms. They are fund managers, credit mangers, risk mangers, asset managers, hedge fund managers, pension fund managers, derivative traders and brokers, and front office bankers.

Our clients are the most sensitive to the issues of online security and privacy because of the very nature of their businesses. We recognize their concerns and are committed to take every precaution possible to protect both their privacy and security. To that end we have developed our own Security & Privacy Policy and we will strictly adhere to it and fully enforce it.

In this Security & Privacy Policy, you will find the answers to the following questions:

  • What is the Risk Latte Security & Privacy Policy?
  • Does Risk Latte use cookie on its site?
  • Will I be notified if the Security & Privacy Policy is changed?

What is the Risk Latte Security & Privacy Policy? Our clients, members, partners and associates are the life blood of our business. We fully appreciate and respect their need for privacy and security, especially in an online environment. It is our fervent pledge that we will make every effort possible to protect their privacy and security. This Policy applies to this site, operated directly by Risk Latte, and only to this site. Risk Latte is not responsible for the content or the privacy policies of web sites to which it may link.

Does Risk Latte use cookies on its site? Risk Latte employs cookies to recognize you and your access privileges on risklatte.ai, as well as to track site usage. This is critical to our ability to tailor and update the features and services offered on the site. Users who do not accept cookies from the domain “risklatte.ai" will not be allowed access most areas of the website. We will not utilize cookies for any external purpose, nor will we offer the information obtained by the cookies to any outside party. We will protect your privacy by only utilizing cookies for our internal tracking purposes.

Will I be notified if the Security & Privacy Policy is changed? Risk Latte will not effect any material changes to our Security & Privacy Policy without appropriate notification of our users and members. Should there ever be any substantive change to our Security & Privacy Policy, we will clearly indicate that on our homepage and provide a link to the new policy statement with the changes highlighted.